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To engage communities and cultivate their capacity for sustainable development, foster a culture of responsibility and ownership by focusing on what matters most. We study to understand the community, identify its strengths and resources, and then combine our expertise with that of the residents to build on their capacities to address challenges as well as maximize and realize their opportunities.


Deficit of good governance and youth increasingly being used to gain political interest are major issues in developing countries. We are committed to defending dignity, reducing inequalities and advocating for all persons with disability. We will intensify on political enlightenment, leadership development and peace building as well as promote building effective accountable and inclusive institutions.


We can promote economic growth, eradicate extreme poverty, and improve people’s health and wellbeing by acting today. We will speak up on climate change and mobilize finance, tools, technological support and capacity building to help scale up global efforts to address and minimize loss and damage from climate change or adapt to its impact. We will work with stakeholders for a sustainable and climate-resilient world that leaves no one behind.


Education is increasingly seen as a humanitarian need especially in developing countries where there are many out of school children and low standard of education. We intent to create the leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future. We will ensure every child receives every opportunity to succeed in school and are prepared for college, a career and active citizenship.


There is a growing need for humanitarian aid as the world faces the challenge of climate change. In collaboration with different stakeholders, we aim to provide emergency humanitarian aid to populations affected by conflict and natural disaster; post-emergency sustainable systems development; basic emergency care curriculum and supplies; infection prevention and control; and quality management in hospitals.


Working with diverse faculty of public health researchers, practitioners and professionals to develop Community-based approaches essential to addressing priority public health challenges. Identifying disease burden of communities and designing, planning, implementation and evaluation of health projects will be done with full participation of community members and groups.

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